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Title Tappy Typing
Release September 1, 2009
For iPhone / iPod touch
Category Game / Entertainment
Rated 4+
Price $0.99

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Tappy Typing

Curious, Comical and Cute!

Tappy Tapping is the very simple animation toy.
Just imagine, a tiny 3D cartoon character living in your iPhone... His name is "Tappy"!

Try to tap "Tappy" or touch the keys on screen. He will perform various funny actions!
Sometimes he will get a little tired with your hard tapping. But no worry, he will regain soon!

If you tilt your iPhone, Tappy will rotate, rolling in the viewer accordingly.

If you are curious and want to sample Tappy, please access our website listed below. Here you can sample his demo video.
We are sure Tappy will be your lovely friend!

Support mails is here.

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