Optimized UI, controllability and Graphics, "Delbo" Smartphone version comes alive !
Title: Delbo
For: iOS/Android
Gerne: Shooting-Puzzle
Player: 1
Price: Free
Data Size: 31MB(iOS)

 Shooting-Puzzle Game Delbo goes to Smartphone!!
Delbo, the definitive Shooting Puzzle game title
as a DSi-Ware all over the world, is converted to
Android/iOS smartphone App!

For Smartphone version, optimizing the way of
the control by the touch screen, high quality graphics.
Delbo is easy to play, but hard to master.

For Android version, the player can post
the high score to the Network Ranking.
(*)Android OS3.0 or over are required
For iOS version, the player can post the high
scores to Leaderboards at Game Center.

Delbo is also available on Amazon App store
for Kindle Fire HD!

Android(Google Play)
iOS(iTunes Store)
For Amazon Kindle Fire

Make a chain.

The orb you shoot is extinguished if it hits others.
If the shooting orb hits the same color orbs,
they are connected to extinguish at once.
If the orbs next to this extinguished orbs are also
same color, it makes more big chains.

Link Orb

"LINK ORB" is the orb with halo light.
Even if the color of orbs next to link orb is not same as
"LINK ORB", it would be connected to extinguish
and make big chains.

Mystery Orb

If you make chains over 10, "Mystery Power" is gained.
If the meter reaches to max, the orb glitters and be to
the "Mystery orbs".

If you shoot it, the all orbs which are same color
to the mystery orbs will be extinguished at all once.
This will be the ace in the hole!



(C)Beyond interactive/Asamzak