•  2018/06/20 Today a Japanese Game Magazine "Nintendo Dream" introduced our Nintendo Switch title
            "Pankapu -Omnia no Sakimori" available on July 5!
  •  2018/03/27 We cooperated on development for Vivid Real LIVE DRE-FES(DREAM FESTIVAL)!R~Cross Dream Tour~.
  •  2017/05/26 Appliv International reviews our VR enhanced App Burguer Runner !
  •  2017/03/02 App Library reviewed "Challenges from Noisy Chicken"!
  •  2017/03/01 "Challenges from Noisy Chicken" is introduced at GAME NAVI at Docomo d-menu!
            Also this App got the Daily Ranking #1 on 3/1!
  •  2017/02/22 iOS App Challenges from Noisy Chicken is available too!
  •  2017/02/13 Japanese Android Ranking site AndroRank listed
            Challenges from Noisy Chicken and it bullets!
  •  2017/02/09 Smartphone App Portal Sma-pho Game CH reviewed
            our Android App "Challenges from Noisy Chicken"!
  •  2017/02/06 Japanese App review site Free-Game
            reviewed our "Challenges from Noisy Chicken"!
  •  2017/01/31 Android App Portal site Androider authorized our "Challenges from Noisy Chicken"!
  •  2017/01/30 Challenges from Noisy Chicken is reviewed at Android Portal site Appliv!
            You can search easily by their ranking system.
  •  2017/01/25 Android Portal AndRock reviewed our Challenges from Noisy Chicken!
  •  2017/01/17 Android App Challenges from Noisy Chicken available!
  •  2016/09/21 Off-price campaign is over!
  •  2016/09/07 Beyond's 3DS/WiiU titles 40% Off-price campaign Starts!
  •  2016/04/13 Site renewal!
  •  2016/02/03 Off-price campaign is over!
  •  2016/01/20 Beyond's 3DS/WiiU Off-price campaign Starts!
  •  2015/11/17 "VR Burger Runner"iOS version available!
  •  2015/10/18 "ORIGAMI-Dive" authorized by Androider
  •  2015/09/16 "ORIGAMI-Dive" Android App released!