Introduction of the latest and the major works at Beyond Interactive

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VR software development for Live/Event

【App for Amusements】
●Tales of VR Cafe ~Cafe of Mileena~
 March 1 2018 open
 Developing VR App for Amusements

Meet with the characters of "Tales of" series
at the cafe of Mileena!

We cooperated on programming and graphics for
『Tales of VR Cafe ~Cafe of Mileena~』 which was operated
by Bandai Namco Entertainment and Bandai Amusement.

 ⇒ The Official site/Announcement is Here.

©Inomata Mutsumi ©Fujishima Kousuke ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

【App for Amusements】
●Vivid Real LIVE DRE FES(Dream Festival) ! R~Cross Dream Tour~
 February 6 2018 released
 Developing VR App for Amusements
 Developing VR App for Smartphone

We cooperated on progaramming and graphics for this app
which the player can experience supreme "Dream-Appeal"
『Vivid Real LIVE DRE-FES! R~Cross Dream Tour~』!

 ⇒ Official site is Here .