Introduction of the latest and the major works at Beyond Interactive

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Game/Entertainment software development

【Development Cooperation】

【PlayStation4】【Nintendo Switch】【Xbox One】【PC】【Apple Arcade】
 August 21 2020 released in US/EU
 Developed by Soleil Ltd.
 Published by Adult Swim Games

Beyond Interactive cooperated with Soleil Ltd. to develop

Cooperated on:
        ・Facial Rigging/Animation
        ・Line Producing

      ⇒  Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time official HP

©2020 Cartoon Network.
Adult Swim, the logo, Samurai Jack and all related characters and
elements are trademarks of and ©Cartoon Network,
a WarnerMedia company. All Rights Reserved.

【Localized/Publishing the Japanese version】

【PlayStation4/Nintendo Switch】
●Pankapu-Omnia no Sakimori
 July 5 2018 released
 PlayStation4/Nintendo Switch Download title
 1,500yen(including consumption tax)

Go on with your courage, a little brave one!

Pankapu-Omnia no Sakimori, a narrative 2D action game was developed by Too Kind Studio in French.
This supreme title has Excellent level design, beatiful graphics,
Magnificent musics by Ganaé
and main theme created by Hiroki Kikuta.

A Japanese Game Magazine "Weekly Famitsu"selected Pankapu
as  a silver trophy(total31points) at their cross review!

Pankapu is the story about the gurdian of Omnia,
which was told to Djaha’rell suffering the nightmare.
Pankapu fights with his friends Chii and Ohiti
for the mission from Iketomi, but the hidden truth is unveiled...

 ⇒ Details are here

【Development Cooperation】

【Wii U】
●Devil's Third
 August 4 2015 released in Japan
 Wii U title
 Developed by Valhalla Game Studios
 Distributed by Nintendo

Beyond interactive cooperated with Valhalla Game Studios to develop Nintendo Wii U title "Devil's Third".

Cooperated on ;
        ・Liaison and Coordination

      ⇒ Official HP is here.

©2015 Valhalla Game Studios Co., Ltd. / Nintendo

【Localized/Publishing the Japanese version】

【Wii U】
 July 22 2015 released
 Wii U Download title
 800Yen(including consumption tax)

Swallow and throw the blocks to go!

TETROBOT AND CO., an action block puzzle game,
was developed by Swing Swing Submarine in French.
It required to the players not only the logical thinking,
but also flexibility of their minds without any bios!

Unlocking Maya's diary and reports, the secret about
Maya and Tetrobot will be unraveled.
At WiiU version, the player can choice the controllers
Wii U GamePad, Pro Controller and Wii Remote Controller.

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【Localized/Publishing the Japanese version】

【Nintendo 3DS/Wii U】
●Outer World 20th Anniversary Edition
 January 21 2015 released
 3DS/Wii U Download title
 800Yen(including consumption tax)

The Legend is back!

Outer World is Japanese name of "Another World" or
"Outer of This World" developed by Eric Chahi.
This title is the epoch title in '90 and selected as
a collection at The Museum of Modern Art, New York(NoMA).

At 20th Anniversary Edition the player can select
normal/high resolution graphics and game modes.
There are many enthusiasts of this game in Japan.

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【Localized/Publishing the Japanese version】

●DodoGo! Robo
 October 26 2011 released

DodoGo!'s spin off title "DodoGo! Robo" would be available!

The sequel of "DodoGo! Sukue! Rakuen no Tamago" is
100% pure puzzle game!
Robo Egg desperately heads to the every goal
for the survive of Dodo's future!

As Robo Egg heads to the goal automatically,
then the player can concentrate on and enjoy to slove the puzzle game which leads Robo Eggs to the goal!

 ⇒ Details are here!

【Development Cooperation】

【PlayStation3, Xbox360】
 April 11 2011 released in Japan
 PlayStation3, Xbox360

Beyond interactive cooperated to develop Ignition Entertainment Ltd. title

Cooperated on ;
        ・Development of Prototype
        ・Development of Proper Production
        ・Shader, Enemy AI programming
        ・Planning and so on.

 ⇒ El Shaddai Official HP is here.

©2011 Ignition Entertainment Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

【Localized/Publishing the Japanese version】

●DodoGo! Sukue! Rakuen no Tamago
 April 27 2011 released

DodoGo! Dodo goes to Japan and launched successfully!!

The outstanding action puzzle game
Planned by Alien After All and Developed by Neko Entertainment.
Collect and save the Dodo eggs and back them
to their nest happily and safe.

You must fully use the various items like the decks, rope and so on.

A ton of challenge stages including tutorial stages
and the bonus stages too!

 ⇒ Details are here!

【Localized/Publishing the Japanese version】

●Pugni to 20 no Asobi-ba (Globulos Party)
 September 15 2010 released

This is the Japanese localized version of "Globulos Party"
developed by GlobZ.
The best game of the year for Hand-held console award
at Franc Milthon.

Touch the pugni and slide the stylus pen!
Easy to master, easy to play! 20games, 50 fields, 60 over pugni characters here! Win all games to be the master of Pugni!!

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【Publishing the original title】

 March 31 2010 released
 500DSi points(500Yen)

You can play the shooting puzzle one-handed!!
A well-known puzzle game at Flash site is reborn at DSi-Ware!

Shoot the orb to the same colored orbs to diminish.
You can not only shoot them, but also pull the lines to put same colored orbs side by side. You can make a big chain !!

In EU & US, Neko Entertainment published in 2011.

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